Tieks Ballet Flats Review

Just returned from Portugal and wore my Tieks during a majority of this action-packed week.  I purchased a cute burgundy pair and was excited to wear them after reading so many wonderful reviews.  Here is my review:

The shoes are stylish, no doubt,  but I won’t be buying another pair. I found them to be noisy.  Every step I took,  they squeaked or made a strange noise. Maybe this happened because I am 5″9 -180 pounds and these shoes are usually worn by slimmer owners,  but mine was not happy with me in them.   I thought the source of the noise was the new leather stretching but the squeaking/creaking continued even after 14 days of wear.  At one point it was so noticeable that I tried walking around the hotel on my toes to avoid the annoying sounds.

The shoes were comfortable most of the time but my toes felt some discomfort after a day of walking and I usually decided to change to more comfortable shoes after about 8 hours.

Anyway,  I loved the packaging and the look of Tieks brand,  but I won’t pay $175.00 for most shoes and certainly not ballet flats.  Sorry.


Tieks Ballet Flats for next trip to Europe

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