Long Distance Mountain Bike Ride in Alaska is not your everyday cruise line shore excursion

Sockeye Cycle Klondike Bicycle Tour – Scagway, Alaska

Have you ever wanted to escape the typical motor coach tour that is offered as an excursion while on a cruise ship?  Do you dream about getting outside and really seeing the port, especially in a place like Alaska?   We did just that last summer while in port at Scagway, Alaska.  Prior to our  cruise I researched mountain bikes and found a company that offered guided 6-hour mountain bike tours and signed the family up.  The price was about $200. Per person.

After debarking from our cruise ship we met our fellow cyclists inside the Sockeye Cycle Store in downtown Scagway.    This is a professional cycling store that offers different types of biking tours including  bike repair and sales. There were about 10 of us in the group and we were fitted for bikes, helmets and whisked off in a van to the Yukon Train Station about 5 minutes away. The guides then gave us a train ticket and told us they would meet us later in Canada.

We boarded the historic White Pass & Yukon Route Train, which travels on a narrow-gauge railroad for a scenic hour and a half trip through the Alaskan mountains into British Columbia, Canada.  A guide on the train provided narration on life during the Gold Rush and pointed out important sites along the way.  The train ride was a fascinating experience through wildflower fields, gold rush sites, raging rivers, waterfalls and mountain ranges. Most of the people on this train were there to simply enjoy the train ride but we were going on a 15 miles bike ride

After departing the train, we were met by our guides and a driver in a van hauling a trailer with about 12 mountain bikes.  We were then transported thru the U.S. Canadian border crossing and arrived at our starting point on the Klondike Highway.  This is a real highway with trucks speeding by and the bikes were so tall that my feet couldn’t reach the ground and I am 5’9”.  This is not an adventure for the timid or those afraid of heights.

We were given a few minutes to practice with our bikes on the highway and then headed down the historic Klondike Highway for a thrilling 15 mile ride downhill.  We were told to keep our speeds between 15 and 25 miles an hour. Yikes.

During our ride we rode past glaciers, rivers, mountain ridges and cascading waterfalls.  We saw bald eagles and sheep along the way and at one point we stopped at a large waterfall just off the street and enjoyed some delicious spring water.   Never did I feel I was in danger from the fast pace or steep valleys and cliffs.    It was a magnificent experience that I will never forget.

Once we completed the downhill ride we  cycled  thru the Alaskan countryside for  a total of 15 miles and returned to the Cycle store.   We were all exhausted but exhilarated by our mountain bike ride in Alaska.    I am so grateful I did not do the typical cruise ship excursion and did something off the grid.

alaska2016 (38)
Yukon Pass Train Ride
alaska2016 (45)
White Pass Train Scagway, Alaska
alaska2016 (70)
Into a mountain tunnel in Alaksa
alaska2016 (75)
alaska2016 (88)
Mother Daughter Cycling
alaska2016 (91)
Cycling Adventure in Alaska
Waterfall stop in Alaska

This trip would be perfect for families, groups or singles looking for an outdoor cycling adventure.

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